The Ape

Typical of Tex Perkins hard working ethos, his new project ‘The Ape’ got primal in the studio, and banged out the debut album in no time at all.

Featuring Tex (Beasts of Bourbon, Cruel Sea, Dark Horses), Raul Sanchez (Magic Dirt), Pat Burke (Dallas Crane) and Gus Agars  (Dark Horses, The Vandas) and  special guests including  Dan and Mike from The Drones and the dashing Bob Murphy (Western Bulldogs), Tex has described the project as ‘The best thing I have ever done, and ever will do.’

Tender Trap producer Roger Bergodaz recorded and mixed the whole album in around 7 days, pushing the mixes through the Tonelux console and sending the prints off to Steve Smart for mastering at 301.

Roger has recorded and mixed the last three Tex Perkins albums, all at Tender Trap – Band Of Gold, Dark Horses and now The Ape.

“The best thing I have ever done, and ever will do.”

Tex Perkins