Teeth & Tongue

Teeth and Tongue is the project of New Zealand born songwriter Jess Cornelius. After 2 albums: the debut ‘Monobasic’ and the acclaimed ‘Tambourine’, Jess arrived at Tender Trap to record her new track ‘Good Man’ with producer AJ Bradford.

The Good Man session lead to the recording and mixing of 10 other new tracks that would make up the third Teeth and Tongue album ‘Grids.’

‘Good Man’ became the first single off the album , received consistent airplay and was named Faster Louder Single Of The Week.

Amongst the stark pulsing rhythms of ‘Grids’, much of the album was recorded as full live takes.  On ‘Good Man’, Jess set up in the mixing room with keyboard and microphone and banged out the track to a triggered drum machine.

“Now they’ve released undeniably (in our eyes) one of the best songs of 2013. The jaw-dropping Good Man. We’ve never heard a song like it before. The star is the arrangement - A single organ, a smattering of feedback, some gated drums and Jess’ multi-layered, multi-textured vocals dominating out front. Breathtaking stuff.”

AIR – Australian Independent Record Labels Association.